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Invite the InLaws to your next special event or party...  

...Murphy’s InLaws, that is.  Mike Jackson and Craig Calvert have been performing together throughout North America and Europe for over a decade. The two are veterans of well-known touring bands such as St. Elmo’s Fire, Your Move, Duck Soup and Hotcakes. Calvert and Jackson draw from a wide variety of musical styles including Rock and Roll, Country, Tejano, Folk and Swing. They are well known as accomplished guitarists as well as outstanding vocalists and they know how to keep the party rockin' all night long!.

Murphy’s In-Laws customizes their shows to fit any occasion.  As a duo, Jackson and Calvert have performed for many associations, corporations, political fundraisers, private parties, house concerts and at various nightspots.  Murphy's InLaws can also assemble whatever size band you need for your event. If you want to add some south-of-the-border spice, the InLaws can add an accordion player to the mix. When Murphy’s InLaws brought their four-piece band to a recent corporate function, a spontaneous conga line was formed and snaked all around the room, led by that company's CEO. Their musical versatility coupled with their impromptu humor combine to make Murphy’s InLaws the obvious musical choice for any event.  

Calvert and Jackson are personable, friendly, and determined to make every concert, special event or back yard party a success.  Whether performing at a nightclub, an intimate cocktail party, an awards banquet, or a high-energy social event, the broad appeal of Murphy’s InLaws brings musical enjoyment to everyone. 

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